Purple Circus

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Because we want to help the community. Opioid addiction has affected communities all across the United States, including our own. We find it is important to raise awareness and also to give resources to those who are looking for help. Through this event we will raise funds through a raffle to be given to our partnered organization Tellurian, Inc. We love the idea of raising awareness of multiple community components while combining two energies: empowering individuals through opioid information and inspiring through people that have chosen to become movement professionals.


Some of our performers have personally dealt with addiction, making this event near and dear to our hearts. Our goal is to erase the stigma of addiction, help educate people to have the resources to move forward in their lives, and create a safer community for the future.


The Prince Estate is not affiliated, associated, or connected with “The Purple Circus" nor has it endorsed or sponsored “The Purple Circus.” Further, The Prince Estate has not licensed any of its intellectual property to "The Purple Circus."

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Paul and April Reeve